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Environmental education and tutoring

Education is very important for us. Unfortunately, school and education are not very important in our region. Many of the parents and grandparents cannot read, write and calculate. They cannot help the children with their homework. During the harvest months, the children are needed in the mornings on their parents' plantations and miss regular school lessons. In addition, classes are often cancelled because the teacher, who comes from the city, has no opportunity to go to school in heavy rain.

The children have little chance for the future, they become like their parents and grandparents victims of the big industries, which take their harvest for very little money. 

We would like to offer the children private lessons in reading, writing and arithmetic. We also teach them and their families alternatives, such as sustainable cultivation in the rainforest. Thus they are no longer dependent on monocultures and expensive chemical fertilizers.

For many families, converting to "organic" would be a way out of the dependence of the big industries. They would earn more, live healthier and at the same time protect nature. 

Since most people do not know what "organic" means, environmental education is one of the most important building blocks of the project. The children and their families are not aware of the importance of the rainforest. We want to change that.

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