Saúva Team


In 2017 we (Contra Mestre Cebolinha, Bianca, Cauê and Nayani, Bamberg) emigrated to Brazil, where we realized our dream in Nilo Peçanha, Bahia and built up the project "Saúva" (leaf-cutting ant). 

Our goal is to support and encourage the poor families living in the rainforest to help us protect and reforest the rainforest.

Cebolinha and Bianca

Cauê and Nayani are our smallest Saúvas (leaf-cutting ants), who moved with us to Brazil :-)

Cauê and Nayani

The mini "saúvas" - our diligent ants

Saúva Companions


The association "Der Regenwald und seine Kinder e.V." was founded in November 2018 to support the Saúva project.

Der Regenwald und seine Kinder e.V.

Bamberg, Germany


Farmer since 2008. He studied strategic management for agricultural business. In addition, further education in agro ecology, agrofloresta (forest garden agriculture) and syntropical agriculture with Ernst Gotsch. Instructor of the agrofloresta workshops at the Fazenda Saúva.

Gabriel Jacob

Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil


Emergency physician

Assistant doctor internal medicine and cardiology

Dominik Jasinski

Bamberg, Germany



Daniela Rottmann

Bamberg, Germany

Antonio Pereira

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil