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General Donation Pot

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This donation pot funds the things which are needed most urgently for the project

We are at the very beginning of the project. The most important thing right now is to create a space where we can gather the rainforest inhabitants for our activities - such as Capoeira classes, language teaching, environmental education as well as sustainability workshops. At the moment these activities take place under the open sky. We urgently need a “culture cabin” to guarantee that lessons can continue during the rainy season. Therefore this cabin is the first priority in our "general donation pot".

Your donation will be used for:

  • Construction of a “culture cabin”

  • Construction of eco-sanitary facilities at the Fazenda Saúva and for the locals in the neighborhood

  • Systems for rainwater harvesting

  • Seeds, cuttings and greenhouses for the re-forestation of the rainforest

  • Brick-press-machine for ecological house construction

  • Solar system

  • Small sanctuary for first aid of injured and orphaned wildlife

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