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Nilo Peçanha


The Fazenda Saúva is enclosed by the Atlantic rainforest in the community Nilo Peçanha in the state of Bahia in the north-east of Brazil.

The famous Dendê coast derived its name from the Dendê palm trees which are widespread. Here in the middle of an endless landscape of coconut groves you will find beautiful beaches and coves with calm blue waters.

The whole region is a paradise teeming with tropical fruit; exotic spices like guaraná, açaí, cupuaçú, jackfruit, cocoa, coffee and dendê. 


Due to the lush tropical vegetation that surrounds Nilo Peçanha this place is a joy for nature lovers.

papagaio verde
onca pintada
bicho preguica
tamarin de leão
papagaio azul
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