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Saúva Team

BIANCA (Bamberg, Germany)

Bianca discovered early a passion for dancing, foreign cultures and languages. In various stays in Brazil she has, amongst other things, worked in a sloth reserve as well as in turtle rescue stations and has gained invaluable experience in animal welfare.   Most recently, in Bamberg (Germany), she was  the organizer of the "Studio Favela" (Brazilian Sports and Cultural Association). Since 2002, she has been active in Capoeira,  Forró and other Brazilian dances. She would like nothing better than to nurse sloths all day and dance at Forró parties at night.

Bianca speaks German, Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

CEBOLINHA (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil)

Cebolinha is from Salvador (Brazil) and has been training in Capoeira since he was 8 years old. The title "Contra Mestre" was bestowed on him by his master Mestre Carlinhos, above all because of his dedication to Capoeira lessons with children. As a Capoeira coach he has taught in Russia and in recent years in Bamberg (Germany). Capoeira performances also enabled him to travel to countries such as South Korea, France, Slovenia ... now back in his "warmer" homeland he is very keen to spend time with the local children, sharing his love of Capoeira and providing them with a meaningful way to spend their time through his training lessons ( if he is not cultivating his forest garden).    

Cebolinha speaks Portuguese, German and Russian.

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The mini "saúvas" - our diligent ants

Saúva Companions

Gabriel Jacob

Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil

Farmer since 2008. He studied strategic management for agricultural business. In addition, further education in agro ecology, agrofloresta (forest garden agriculture) and syntropical agriculture with Ernst Gotsch. Instructor of the agrofloresta workshops at the Fazenda Saúva.

Dominik Jasinski

Bamberg, Germany

Emergency physician

Assistant doctor internal medicine and cardiology

Daniela Rottmann

Bamberg, Germany


Antonio Pereira

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

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